“We give every tech and business idea the wings to fly”

Our Mission

We identify, nurture and give wings to innovative and realistic information technologies that solve present and future human needs in a sustainable manner

Our Objectives
  1. 1. To provide co-working space for start-ups and tech enthusiasts to develope their talents, networks and systems that will be responding to the local development need of business, organizations, councils and other institutions.
  2. 2. To connect and partner with different companies and experts in order to share knowledge, ideas and experiences.
  3. 3. To gather important developmental information and share with the community.
  4. 4. To create funding opportunities for startups.
  5. 5. To provide mentoring, advice and coaching to startups and tech enthusiasts.
  6. 6. To promote IT skills for university graduates as well school drop outs for employability.
Our Services

Service 1
Web Development & Programming

Service 2
Web & Cloud Hosting

Host your product

Service 3
CyberSecurity & System Administration

Service 4

Service 5
Database Administration

Service 6
Digitalization of CSOs