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Registered in 2009

Status: verified


Considering that climate change is a worldwide phenomenon affecting and influencing various aspects of human activities, it should be taken into consideration at social, economic and political levels. Tropical forests have a great capacity of sequestering Greenhouse Gazes which are responsible for global warming. Unfortunately these forests are been destroyed at a very rapid rate annually. At a basic level, many households in Cameroon still depend on fuelwood, charcoal and other biomass fuels for cooking and heating, most of the time using traditional cookstoves which emit a lot of smoke causing not only indoor and atmospheric pollution, i.e. reinforcing global warming, but also affecting women and children health when they inhale the smoke from the kitchens. PCI's vision is to promote clean cooking energy solutions in the communities while improving on Family health and mitigating climate change.


Our mission is to promote the development of energy efficiency and renewable energy techniques by making them accessible to poorest households in the communities, to raise the awareness of social economic and political actors on clean and sustainable development, to sensitive the population at all levels on climate change, to develop and implement projects that reduce carbon emissions in the the atmosphere.

Background and track record:

PCI, as the name implies, was created to promote climate friendly development, to improve on the livelihood of the populace and reduce poverty, especially energy poverty. We have distributed more than 10,000 improved fuel wood cookstoves in the households of SW, LT and W regions of Cameroon between 2012 and 2015. Our ongoing project consists of promoting the use of home-made heat retaining cooking bags which enable families to save time, money and efforts when cooking and most importantly to reduce the quantity of smoke inhaled during cooking. Feasibility studies are been carried out in some pilot-households in the South West region to evaluate the acceptance of gasifier cookstoves using wood pellets or wood chips. All our projects resulting to carbon emissions reductions are certified by the Gold Standard Foundation which is a third party body responsible for the registration, verification, validation and issuance of carbon emissions credits generated by climate protection projects worldwide.

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